Amityville 3-D (1983)

John runs an investigation of the famous Amityville house which he believes is not haunted at all but rather an elaborate scam feeding of paranoid superstitions. When he gets the house offered to him at a cheap price, he immediately buys it. However, very quickly strange things start to occur and soon people around him start dying. Eventually, he can no longer deny that there is an evil presence lurking in his new home…




Full Plot:
The third movie of the Amityville series,”Amityville 3-D” from 1983, starts with a scene taking place on a stormy night. The married couple Mr. and Mrs. Baxter step into the famous haunted house of Amityville. They are welcomed by Mr. Caswell, an older man and his wife Emma, a medium. The four sit down at a candle lit table, join hands and start a séance. Mrs. Baxter calls upon her deceased son, Ricky. Emma goes into a trance and chants until she suddenly snaps out of it, coughing and fighting for air. She talks about smoke and fire and finally reveals that Ricky has died in a fire, but that he is at peace now.

All of a sudden, the candles extinguish and a child’s voice rings through the house calling upon it’s mommy, Mrs. Baxter, bringing her to tears. A glowing green cloud emerges and starts floating through the room, when Mrs. Baxter suddenly jumps up and starts taking photos. At this moment, it becomes clear that the whole séance has been staged by the old couple: A man in a black suit is carrying the glowing cloud on a fishing pole.

Mr. and Mrs. Baxter reveal their true identities, John and Melanie, as well as that they are not married at all and their son Ricky doesn’t exist. They work for the “Reveal” magazine and were there to expose Mr. and Mrs. Caswell as scammers. The old couple gets angry and tries to kick John and Melanie out. When Dr. Elliot West of the Institute for Psychic Research and David Cohler, a state attorney walk in, they give up and flee, but not before Emma spits in Melanie’s face.

The next day, when John and Melanie are back at the house and examine the basement, Mr. Sanders, the owner of the house walks in and insists that he had nothing to do with the fraud his renters committed.

On his way through the basement, he walks over fragile wooden floor boards, which break under his weight. He almost falls into a seemingly endless hole before John and Melanie help him out. They discover that the hole is an old well that has become known as “the entrance to hell”.

Melanie keeps taking photos of Mr. Sanders, making him irritated. He and John step outside, where he explains to John how he bought the house for very cheap because he thought he could easily resell it for a higher price once the panic has settled. However, the panic has not settled and now he would give it practically away just to get rid of it.

John is convinced that the rumors of a haunting are not based in reality and gets tempted to buy the house. Melanie is skeptical, just like Nancy, his ex-wife, who he still shares an apartment with. She gets upset as him moving away makes the divorce finally real, revealing that she is not completely over John yet. Their daughter Susan and her friend Lisa walk in. They have already heard about John buying the famous Amityville house and are eager to take a look inside.

When Melanie develops the photos she took during the examination of the basement, she notices that Mr. Sanders’ face looks horribly distorted on every single picture, while John looks completely normal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sanders shows up at the house to hand it over to John. He hears footsteps coming from above and follows them upstairs. The attic seems empty, except for countless flies, which emit a loud buzzing sound. When Mr. Sanders steps into the attic, the door slams behind him and locks him in. The flies suddenly attack him, crawling into his mouth and nose.

When John arrives at the house, he hears loud gagging sounds coming from the attic. He finds Mr. Sanders choking on something before dying right in front of his eyes.

Later, Melanie arrives at the house and shows John the photos of Mr. Sanders. She starts suspecting that there might be something to the rumors about paranormal activity at the house, but John finds her suggestion ridiculous. He is convinced that the distortion is due to a camera error and that Mr. Sanders’ death was probably because of an unrelated illness.

John later shows the house to Susan and asks her to choose any room she likes for herself. She immediately claims the attic as her room.

In the evening, Melanie comes back to the house to continue the investigation. She hears footsteps coming from above, and as John is not home, she assumes that paranormal activity is starting to unfold. She gets nervous and wants to run outside, but all doors seem to be suddenly locked. She runs from one room to the other trying to find an open exit when she runs into Dolores, the house keeper. Melanie is relieved to have some company, but instantly disappointed when Dolores explains that she has to leave. Before she goes, she hands Melanie a flashlight with the explanation that the fuse has been going out all day long.

At work, John gets into an elevator to leave the building and head home. A fly keeps buzzing around his face when the elevator suddenly stops, then speeds upwards and violently hits the top of the shaft. John rings the alarm and the elevator drops, making John fly against the ceiling. He gets a fright, but makes it out alive and unhurt.

At the house, Melanie starts to freeze extremely. When she tries to turn the heat up, the fuse blows and she is forced to go down into the basement. Her courage only lasts until she gets a peek of the barely covered “entrance to hell”. She runs back and decides to wait for John to arrive in darkness, when the basement door violently opens behind her and an extremely strong wind shoots into her face.

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When John arrives, he finds Melanie sobbing on the floor. When she sees him, she starts screaming at him to not touch her and escapes the house in a frantic panic.

When John tries to get an explanation from Melanie at work, she tells him that she experienced the worst thing of her life and that she will never step into the house again. John lacks understanding and accuses her of being caught up in the paranoid superstitions that surround the place. Melanie feels ridiculed and wants him to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Susan and Lisa sneak into the house when no one is home. Lisa knows all about the murders that happened at the house and gives Susan a tour including all gruesome details of the crimes. The girls go down into the basement and peek into the old well when John comes home.

Nancy feels like she has lost control of her daughter since John moved into the house. She seeks out Dr. West and tells him that she fears for Susan’s life, but he explains that there is no real evidence that the house is somehow dangerous and therefore nothing can be done to prevent her from going there. She ignores Dr. West’s conclusion and forbids Susan from stepping into the house again.

When Melanie examines Sanders’ photos closer, she finds a demonic grimace with sharp teeth on a closeup of his distorted face. She takes the photos and gets into her car. On the road, a fly keeps flying into her face, distracting her until she loses control over her car. When she tries to stop, the brakes fail, the car crashes, catches fire and Melanie dies on the spot.

With the death toll rising, Nancy gets more and more convinced that the house has something to do with it. She explains to John that she doesn’t want Susan to go there ever again, but John completely lacks any understanding for her concerns.

Susan hangs out with Lisa and two guy friends at a café. They only conversation topic is, of course, the house. Lisa suggests conducting a séance there. Susan is annoyed and remembers her moms words, but as the rest of the groups gets more and more excited, she finally gives in and leads her friends to the house.

There, they improvise a Ouija board by cutting out letters, putting them on the floor and using a glass as a planchette. Lisa asks whether there is a supernatural presence in the room and the glass moves to YES. Susan accuses her of pushing it herself, but Lisa denies it vehemently. Next, Lisa asks whether anyone in this room is in real danger. When the planchette spells out S-U-S, Susan gets upset and takes her hands from the glass, accusing the group of playing a prank on her. Suddenly, the glass starts moving by itself, flies against the wall and smashes. The group thinks that Susan threw it out of anger, which she denies. An argument ensues and they decide to stop the séance. The friends go outside and find a boat next to the house. They decide to take a ride and speed off.

Nancy gets increasingly worried about Susan as she didn’t come home after school. She assumes that she is at the house and drives there. When she walks in, she runs into a soaking wet Susan who is walking up the stairs. She seems mentally distant and unresponsive. She walks all the way to the attic and then slams the door into Nancy’s face.

When John arrives at the house, he sees Susan’s lifeless body being dragged onto land. Her friends tell him that she fell out of the boat.

Nancy hears the ambulance siren and runs out of the house, where John tells her about Susan’s accident, but she insists that Susan is in the house. She runs back to the house but finds it empty.

The paramedics fail to revive Susan and so she dies in front of the house. John runs to the house to tell Nancy, but she refuses to believe him.

At night, John hears strange noises coming from the basement. The old well is filled with bubbling, fluorescent turquoise water. When he comes closer to examine it, Susan’s rotten corpse jumps out. John wakes up and realizes it was only a dream.

Nancy is still at the house and is ironing Susan’s blouse. The room is in complete chaos, but she explains that Susan caused it to let them know she is still present. She keeps going on about the blouse and what she might give her for her next birthday.

John is convinced that Nancy has lost her mind and goes to Dr. West for help. Dr. West is not entirely dismissive about Nancy’s claims and suggests conducting a thorough investigation of the house with his team.

They set up the equipment and film Nancy sitting by Susan’s bed in the attic when unusual sounds start to occur. The door suddenly slams and a purple light forms in front of it, while emitting Susan’s voice calling for Nancy to come with her. Nancy steps out of the room and starts following the light, all the way to the basement.

There, the old well is filled with bubbling, fluorescent turquoise water, just like in John’s dream. Dr. West tells John to let her walk all the way to the well, as he wants to observe what happens, but also instructs him to hold her back before she gets too close, as the house might be trying to lure her to her death. When Nancy arrives at the well, John holds her back while Dr. West looks into the well. Suddenly, a demon with amphibian skin and sharp teeth jumps out, breathing fire into his face, burning half of it, before dragging him into the well.

An underground explosion shakes the building and chaos ensues: A violent storm goes through the house, furniture flies through the air and sparks come from all electronics.

John and Nancy flee the house before a giant explosion makes the house implode.

Among the rubble, the well is still in flames. A big blue, fluorescent fly emerges from it and flies away.

Tony Roberts as John Baxter
Candy Clark as Melanie
John Beal as Harold Caswell
Leora Dana as Emma Caswell
Robert Joy as Dr. Elliot West
Carlos Romano as David Cohler
John Harkins as Clifford Mr. Sanders
Tess Harper as Nancy Baxter
Lori Loughlin as Susan Baxter
Meg Ryan as Lisa
Josefina Echánove as Dolores

Richard Fleischer

William Wales

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