A Haunting – Black Magic (2013)

A Haunting” is a show that tells the stories of individuals who claim to have been witnesses of the paranormal. The witnesses are interviewed about their experiences and their stories are reenacted by actors to illustrate the stories told.

In the episode „Black Magic“ (Season 6 Episode 3) we get to know a family who experiences paranormal activity upon moving into their new rural home. They are startled by apparitions, objects moving and lights switching on and off by themselves – but to make matters worse, a close friend, who moves in with them, starts dabbling with the occult and conjures up something even more frightening …




Full Plot:
The story of  told in the episode “A Haunting – Black Magic” from 2013 begins in 2009, when a family moves into a 150 year old rural house in a small town in Pennsylvania, called Zieglerville. The family consists of hospice caregiver Debbie Guy, her 28 year old son David, her 26 year old daughter Jodie and her two children Zoey (5) and Craig (7), as well as a close friend of the family, Nick – who is 17 years old.

Shortly after they move in to renovate the house, David is the first to notice a creepy feel and unusual activities happening in the house like balls being thrown out of nowhere. Debbie witnesses lights switching on and off on their own.

Both David and Debbie continue to experience paranormal things over the following months, such as objects moving on their own. They also keep hearing footsteps around the house. The suspicion starts to come up, that the house is haunted.

While the family becomes disturbed by the unexplained activities, Nick becomes increasingly more interested in the occult and isolates himself from the family, reading books about witchcraft, painting pentagrams on the wall and lighting black candles. Debbie confronts Nick about his new interest and tells him to stop delving into it, which creates an even bigger distance between the two.

While at work, Debbie injures her back and has to undergo surgery that binds her to the bed and puts the renovation on hold. During bed rest Debbie sees apparitions of a small girl watching her next to her bed. The girl seems to be from the late 1800/early 1900, judging from her clothes. The girl appears in different places all over the room. Debbie feels affirmed upon encountering the apparition, supporting her suspicion that the house is haunted and relieved that the spirit is that of a little girl, who she judges to be friendly and harmless.

After two months, Debbie is recovered and is back at work.

While the others are trying to ignore the paranormal activities and hope for them to calm down, Nick and his new girlfriend are trying to summon them up by using a Ouija board in the basement. They draw out a large pentagram on the floor and light black candles.

David catches the two during their séance and demands Nick to immediately stop with his attempts to dabble in the occult.

David decides to clean up the pentagrams himself and keep it from Debbie to save her from worry. He is afraid that Nick is provoking the spirits in the house.

After being caught at the basement, Nick and his girlfriend move to the local cemetery to continue their Ouija board session. They seem to manage to summon something with their séance, as a dark shadow figure manifests close to them.

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Upon seeing the entity Nick and his girlfriend drive to back to the house, which is a mile away and are startled to see that the entity followed them all the way back home.

They tell David about the entity and he too can see the spirit observing the house in the darkness.

Nick tells David about the séances and the Ouija board he and his girlfriend used to summon the entity. Finally David feels it’s time to tell Debbie about the new terrifying developments.

After the scary experience Nick decides to stop dabbling with the occult and puts the Ouija board away, just to pick it up again soon after. David therefore decides to throw it into the trash, just to find Nick playing with it soon after. Nick claims that he found the Ouija board where the left it.

This time David drives far away to throw away the Ouija board there, to make sure Nick will not find it again, just to find the Ouija board in the house a few days later.

He starts questioning his sanity and doubts whether it can be the same Ouija he had thrown out a couple of days earlier. He marks the back of the board with scratches and gets rid of it again – and of course, days later, the very same Ouija board with the scratched back turns up back in the house.

When Debbie finds it, she attempts to burn it, but the board doesn’t seem flammable. She breaks it up in pieces and throws it away.

Soon after Debbie finds a dagger and another book on witchcraft on Nick’s room and confronts him about it. He opens up and tells Debbie, that he and his girlfriend held another séance and cast a spell, asking for „misfortune, sickness and death“. As an offering to the spirit, they sacrificed a cat during the ritual.

Debbie decides that Nick can’t stay and puts him in a facility, as she feels no longer capable of handling him and thinks he needs help.

With Nick gone, Jodie’s children no longer need to sleep in the same room and Zoey moves into Nick’s room. At night, she sees a boy in the window, who identifies himself as Jacob. Jodie decides that Zoey and her brother Craig should switch rooms.

A few days later, while checking on Craig, Debbie finds his blanket far away from his bed and Craig explains that Jacob keeps pulling them off.

Dabbie starts to get scared, as both of the children’s stories confirm each other.

Over the next days, Craig keeps complaining that Jacob keeps tormenting him, switching off the lights and misplacing his blanket.

David decided to put a camera in Craig’s room to catch some of the activities on tape. He stays up and monitors the recording from downstairs. At some point he sees Craig’s blanket being pulled from him, which causes Craig to wake up. David hurries to Craig’s room.

David and Debbie are very upset about the footage and are now sure that the paranormal activity is really happening and not in their imagination.

Debbie decides to seek answers at the Historical Society. She finds out that several residents have died in the house, including a girl and a boy named Jacob.

At some point, Debbie retires from her job and David moves out. Debbie’s financial situation doesn’t allow her to leave the house – she is stuck. One day, while Jodie and her children are out for a weekend, Debbie attempts to clean the house of spirit, walking through it reading from the Bible. As she reaches the basement, she hears growling, gets scratched and pushed down the stairs by an unseen attacker. Frightened, she leaves the house for the weekend.

Out of desperation, she reaches out to the local church. The priest blesses the house, during which Debbie feels attacked, but as the priest continues to pray with her, the heavy mood seems to lift.

For a while, the paranormal activity seems to have vanished, so Debbie lightens up and invites a friend couple over. The husband is very skeptical and goes down to the basement, laughing and taking photos around him. While reviewing the photos he discovers a face in the basement window. Scared he runs up the stairs and Debbie is convinced the haunting is back.

Debbie contacts The Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society. During their investigation the door of the basement closes by itself and leads them towards it. A sensitive, who is part of the team, feels an odd negativity down there. She says that the animal sacrifice makes the removal of the spirit very hard. She manages to take a photo of the girl spirit.

After the investigation team leaves, Debbie is in for a frightful night. A shadow man appears next to her bed and her bed starts to shake violently. The team comes back and the sensitive claims, that the child apparitions might only be illusions that the dark entity puts forward to mask his own appearance and fool the family into believing it is innocent and harmless.

A couple of days later the team cleanses the house with prayers, holy water and sage burning.

The paranormal activity stops.

6 months later, when David visits Debbie to help out with repairs, he finds the Ouija board again.

Debbie fears that this is a sign, that the entity is back – yet she is stuck at the house.

Weeks later, when she is alone at the house, a door slams shut and she gets attacked, feeling a hand grabbing her inside her chest. At the hospital, doctors can’t find anything wrong with Debbie.

Debbie is now scared for her family’s physical safety and forces Jodie and her children to leave the house, staying behind completely alone. She puts the house on sale and lives in fear, continuing to experience paranormal things until the house sells.

Lee Harmon as David
Lucia Scarano as Debbie
Allen Williamson as Nick
Ayla Eden Kell as Zoey
Emily McKinley Hill as Jodi
Colin Wilson as Craig
Joseph T. Lee as Pastor

Bill Evashwick

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