A Haunted House (2013)

An ordinary couple is struggling to establish their new life in what they thought would be their ideal house, when it turns out to be far more than they bargained for. To help save their wits and their relationship they bring in a line of friends and professionals of dubious expertise.




Full plot:
The comedy “A Haunted House” from 2013 centers on Malcolm Johnson who lives in the suburbs and who has recently decided to let his girlfriend, Kisha, move in with him, even though upon arrival she runs over his dog, Shiloh.

 On their first night together, nothing happens, but the morning after, Kisha find her keys lying on the floor and immediately concludes that the house must be haunted. Although he finds her conclusion a bit over the top, Malcolm hires a team of surveillance-experts to help him monitor the house by installing indoor and outdoor cameras and linking them to his personal computer.

 The following night, Malcolm tapes himself and Kisha having sex. Next morning, he shows her the tape and although she becomes angry, she notes that on the recording, a door seems to slam by itself.

 The night after that, the couple is woken up by frightening noises, and when the bed starts to move around on the floor, Malcolm concludes that the house is haunted and then flees out of the bedroom. First thing in the morning, he attempts to sell the house but realizes that the real-estate market is not ready for taking on a haunted house. The couple is soon visited by ‘Chip the Psychic’, who suggests that the couple has attracted some sort of demon into the house, and that Malcolm has further aggravated it by choosing to film it. Just before Chip leaves the house, Kisha admits that she might have “made a deal with the Devil” for a pair of shoes. Chip concludes that the evil spirit is after Kisha but that Malcolm is safe. Kisha then shows Malcolm a video tape from when she was 8 years old; showing that she always had an “imaginary friend” called Tony.

 On the couple’s 9th night together, Kisha gets out of the bed and stars dancing before slapping Malcolm’s face hard. Malcolm leaves Kisha to face the 10th night alone while going out to get drunk. When he returns, he poops in her father’s ashes before falling asleep. A furious Kisha hence watches the footage of him pooping in the ashes and confiscates his video games as a punishment. In the living room, a Ouija board lying on the lounge table bursts into flames by itself. On the 11th night, Malcolm has covered a doorway with baby powder, hoping that it will give away any trespasser. When they both wake up because of noises in the house, they follow a trail of footprints left in the powder. The trail leads into a room through a closed door, so Malcolm mans himself up and assaults the room with a wooden bat. In the darkness, he starts to beat a person with the bat, but this person turns out to be his housekeeper, Rosa, who quits the job after the incident. The couple then lights a spliff and gets high together with the ghostly entity that haunts them.

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During the 13th night, Kisha is raped by the ghost, although she admits to enjoying it, and during the 14th night, Malcolm too is raped by the ghost. They now both realize that they need to stop arguing over their sex life, since this ghost or paranormal entity feeds off of negative human energy. They start to ignore it while it in turn starts smashing up the house.

On the 17th night, Kisha is torn out of the bed and fights with the invisible entity. Malcolm is wearing headphones and so doesn’t notice that Kisha is being dragged across the floor and into another room. In the morning, Kisha is cleaning the house, which is confusing to Malcolm because he knows her to never clean. He realizes she is possessed when he sees her walking around with Shiloh (the dead dog) on a leash.

He decides to invite ‘Father Williams’, who confirms that a demonic spirit has taken control over Kisha. The priest gathers the surveillance guys from earlier in the story, along with Chip. They all gather around Kisha and try to perform an exorcism. This exorcism doesn’t turn out very well, and Kisha escapes into the basement. When the rest finally find her hiding in the dark they beat her up, supposedly ridding her of the plaguing spirit and ceasing the possession.

Still believing her to be cleansed, we see Malcolm a while later getting called out of bed by a desperate Kisha late at night. He reluctantly leaves the bedroom but is hence attacked, and possibly killed, by the seemingly still possessed Kisha, suggesting that the earlier exorcism-attempts had totally failed.

Marlon Wayans as Malcolm
Essence Atkins as Kisha
David Koechner as Dan
Marlene Forte as Rosa
Nick Swardson as Chip
Dave Sheridan as Bob
Alanna Ubach as Jenny

Michael Tiddes

Marlon Wayans & Rick Alvarez

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